Bulk, Wholesale, Dropship, and Custom Orders

Please contact us via the form below or email sales@toasti.co.

Get a large order discount when ordering 10 or more units.

We sell wholesale to physical or e-commerce retailers.

Sell Toasti products on your e-commerce store and we will fulfill from our warehouse.

Custom & Promotional:
We can customize our Heated Mouse Pad with your design

  • E-sports and gaming team designs
  • Employee Comfort: Heated Mouse Pads are the gift of comfort and ergonomics for your employees at the office, home, commercial, or industrial spaces. Plus, Heated Mouse Pads replace dangerous space heaters while saving 99% of energy costs.
  • Promotional & Giveaway Items: Heated Mouse Pads are a very special promotional item that will be appreciated and looked at every day. Gift them to your best customers and vendors, bundle in special sales and promotions, or giveaway as a prize in your next raffle.
  • Special surface materials: Want a surface other than mouse pad cloth? Let us know about your application and material that works for you.