The Heated Mouse Pad
FIRING UP Cold Hands.

Feel warm relief at your computer.



Frosty Office, Toasty Hands

For the person freezing in a frosty office, shivering in sweaters year round, or hovering over an inefficient space heater. 

When you're ready to let go of clutching mugs just for warmth and to finally control your own thermostat.

Constant heat. Warm relief.
Simply, toasty.

Raynaud's Relief!

I've suffered from Raynaud's Syndrome as long as I can remember. My life revolves around avoiding cold.
I've tried every solution, but only the Toasti works for computer work!

-- Brenda C.

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Amazing for cold warehouse!

I work logistics on a truck loading dock. Barely any heat in winter. I can't wear gloves to type paperwork so I've always just suffered. With a Toasti, now I WANT to work at the computer to spend more time heating my hands.

--Tom S.

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A Home Office Relief!

Working from home now and had to setup an office in our freezing basement where my arthritis acted up real bad. This heated mouse pad is hot and relieved my arthritis pain. Recommending to all of my friends.

--Maria V.

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Hands 10° Warmer

Toasti's infrared heat penetrates deep into the hand. The warmth radiates up the wrist and arm. Users tell us that their whole body feels warmer with a Toasti. 

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Sizzling Performance!

You’re in the game, adrenaline is pumping, but your fingers are stiffening. Click rate drops, precision suffers, and...dead.

How can you heat up?

  • Hoodie = Sweaty body, freezing hands
  • Gloves = Kill dexterity
  • Hand warmers = Temporary, you have to stop playing
  • Toasti = Heat to the hands; Freedom to move; Constant heat while you play. Win, Win, and Win.

Hot for Esports

I'm captain of our League of Legends team. Coach knows that I suffer from cold hands. He got me a battery handwarmer, which is weak. But this heated mouse pad is it. It is actually hot!
--Arturo V.

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Hours and Hours with Warm Hands

I have to game in a cold basement and my hands are freezing even with sweatshirts. Toasti lets me WOW for hours. Medium setting is perfect for me. 
-- Jeshawn W.

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Forget Hand Warmers!

Forget hand warmers. This heated mouse pad is gonna become THE dominate solution for us gamers with cold hands.  
-- Matt C.

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For Serious Competitors

Tested and perfected in collaboration with several collegiate NCAA Division I E-sports teams to deliver professional quality.

Serious equipment for serious competitors.

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